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All natural skin care products

All Natural Skin Care ProductsPerhaps no organ of the human body is as delicate and complex as the skin - yes, it is an organ. Proper care of this circulatory system organ is essential to good health and vitality, and yet it is so vulnerable to damage. Throughout history, humans have had relatively little understanding about the skin's function and how to maintain its health. Finally, we are getting the message. We're protecting ourselves from ultraviolet exposure with hats and sunblock, and doing a better job of using nutrition and hydration to keep it health. And now, alas, men and women alike are discovering the benefits of getting back to basics with all natural skin care products.

Read on for more information about chemical-free Crystalux deodorants and sprays, as well as skin-sparing cosmetics from Hollywood makeup artist Peter Lamas. Beauty products from these Earth-friendly innovators are your body's best friend, and compliment our wide selection of all natural cleaning products.

Lamas beauty products

Lamas Beauty ProductsIt's a known fact that substances that are slathered on the body's surface can choke pores or become absorbed into the bloodstream. Scientists have long known this, which explains the recent popularity of "patch" pharmaceuticals, such as birth control and smoking cessation medications. While surface absorption can be an effective delivery system, the use of topical skin treatments can deliver chemicals deep into the body that we hadn't intended.

Evironmentally friendly Lamas beauty products avoid this unsavory side-effect by eliminating synthetics. This line of all natural skin care products replaces multi-syllabic chemical compounds with recognizable plant extracts and oils such as aloe, olive oil, green tea and soy. The powerful antioxidants found in nature reduce irritation and help restore the body's natural moisture and good health.


Rather than "mask" odors with obnoxious perfumes that only to compete with body odor, prevent and eliminate odor-causing sweat with moisture-wicking minerals. Crystalux adjusts the body's pH to stop odor before it starts, without the use of aluminums and ozone-depleting chemicals and propellants. Try it out and see why it is the most recognized and respected name in chemical-free hygiene.

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