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Facts for Kids is an informative section dedicated to helping children understand important eco issues and healthier living at an earlier age......go now.

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Environmentally friendly household cleaners

All Natural Cleaning ProductsPeople with allergies and asthma can attest to the discomfort that common home detergents can cause to the body. Even when allergens are not present, perfumes and chemicals in these detergents can act as irritants, causing reactions similar to severe allergy and asthma attacks. (Technically, one is not "allergic" to perfume; however, a person with asthma and/or allergies can be so sensitive to strong smells, that their body's response to them can be just as dramatic.)

All natural cleaning products

Environmentally Friendly Household CleanersThe solution to the chemical dilemma is simple: Avoid them by substituting environmentally friendly all natural cleaning products that are safe to use in homes where allergies and asthma are major concerns. Environmentally friendly household cleaners not only mean fewer irritating chemicals within the home, but also help keep groundwater clean. And, they clean just as effectively as their sneeze-inducing counterparts.

How to make your house environmentally friendly

Who ever decided that putting a shine on the kitchen countertops had to involve complicated chemical mixtures and choking fragrances? When it comes to tidying up, Grandma may have had it right the whole time. Granny's simple white vinegar and water solution for streak-free windows still works like a charm. And, that same white vinegar with an equal part of salt remains the best copper cleaner known to man.

These and other home remedies are terrific alternatives if you are interested in how to make your house environmentally friendly. You can mix your own all natural cleaning products if you have the time to invest in "research and development." However, if time is of the essence, you can find all the ready-made, environmentally friendly household cleaners you need at Convictions of the Heart.

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