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Facts for Kids is an informative section dedicated to helping children understand important eco issues and healthier living at an earlier age......go now.

about us:
Convictions of the Heart will be selecting a pet of the month. Pet of the month will be featured in our monthly newsletters. We will post all pictures of your pets on our website. In June 2007, we will have a sweepstakes for the cutest animal on our pet page. There will be 1st , 2nd, and 3rd prizes.When submitting your pets picture please include their name and a small paragraph about them. Please send your pet pictures to

  October Pet of the Month is Wilbur!
Wilbur is a basset hound AKA Willy Wanka. He is 3 yrs. old. Wilbur has lovely long floppy ears, very large feet, beautiful spotting, and a wonderful sense of humor. He has human like qualities. He enjoys going to breakfast in the morning, long walks on the beach (he gets in his stroller when he’s tired), and playing with his stuffed toys. He loves to talk. He tries to communicate with humans at all costs. Wilbur is one of a kind and I am so happy to have him in my life.

Helena Rey
Founder of Convictions of the Heart

 November Pet of the Month is Moca!

Moca is 7 years old

Moca is 7 years old, he has big beautiful blue eyes and a soft grey and white coat.  Moca's favorite past times are laying on the couch, laying on the bed and following us around the house.  He loves attention  and being around people.   Moca is part Manx breed, so he has not tail.  He has also had some health problems along the way such as asthma and a heart murmur.  But despite all of that, Moca is the most loving and friendly cat anyone could ask for.
He brings us so much joy.

--Amy and Alex


December Pet of the Month isToonses!

Toonses is the sixteen-year-old cat Queen of our castle. She is quite the chatty and friendly feline, greeting everyone who comes to visit us. In her old age, she has become addicted to her "treats" and can usually be found sitting in front of the treat drawer, begging (like a dog, only better). She is also the ultimate guard cat, keeping other animals at bay with her fierce cries. When not fighting crime or taking catnaps, she likes nothing better than to wile away the hours in our laps, and if we are good, she gives us head butts a butts and kisses. She'll even stand on her hind legs and do tricks for a tasty delight. Just don't leave your own plate of food unattended, because she thinks anything in her house is for her.   --Ellen, CA

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