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Facts for Kids is an informative section dedicated to helping children understand important eco issues and healthier living at an earlier age......go now.

Organic Oral Care Information
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  • How do you feel when your at home? Safe? What if we were to tell you that the products you use on an every day basis can have short or long term effects in harming your health. Did you know that toothpaste used by your children everyday, contains ingredients which have been linked to causing cancer, blindness and even death?

  • If you look at your brand of toothpaste chances are you will find the same type of warning. Hopefully after reading this you might think twice before brushing your teeth. For years, people have been told to brush their teeth before bed and after meals. If the labels on toothpaste states the potential harm to your children, chances are it's not good for adults. More money is put into advertising the product than the actual product. Shouldn't the warning label be just as noticeable as the actual product name?

    This problem has been an issue concerning the FDA. Unfortunately, there a bit slow to inform us of the dangers. In some cases the time it takes the FDA to make changes can take decades. How many lives will be lost in the mean time? While bureaucracy moves along at a snail's pace, personal decisions about your health doesn't have to. It is ultimately up to you, the consumer, to make changes for the better in your own life. It's up to you to choose products that will truly enhance your life and your health rather than destroy it.

  • At the age of nine, Alysia started to have leg pains, flu-like symptoms and constant headaches. When tests were done it revealed high levels of fluoride in Alysia's system. At an Orthopedic Clinic, Doctors noticed Alysia's teeth were mottled brown. Doctors suspected Dental Fluorosis, a condition caused by over exposure to fluoride. This condition can cause crumbling of the enamel and permanent damage to your teeth.

    When Alysia stopped using Fluoride toothpaste her symptoms disappeared. Remember everyone is a canary in a coal mine. Unfortunately, Alysia was affected at a much higher rate than most of us, but can you really afford to be affected?

  Did You Know?

  • A study done stated that 48% of children who drink fluoridated water showed signs of Fluorosis. "Dental Fluorosis is not just a cosmetic problem, but a visible sign of chronic fluoride poisoning." "Children are more vulnerable than adults. " Manufacturers who give toothpaste a tempting flavors make this problem even worse for children. When fluoride is ingested 93% of it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

    Most of it is excreted but a small percent is deposited into the bones and teeth and is capable of causing Skeletal Fluorosis. This condition can damage the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and result in muscle determination, limited joint motion, spinal deformities, calcification and neurological problems of the ligaments. For years, dentist have recommended toothpaste products and have urged their patients to brush as often as possible. Did you know that most toothpaste contain enough fluoride in four ounces to kill a small child?

    Fluoride toothpast usually has no warning label. It contains the following ingredient ammonia, ethanol, artificial color and flavor, formaldehyde, mineral oils, sugar and carcinogenic polyvinylprrolidone. There is no question about it fluoride will help prevent tooth decay. However, if too much is applied it can cause mottling of the teeth, hip fractures in older people, cancer, and renal kidney failure. There is an all natural way of preventing tooth decay. Ingesting wheatgrass on a daily basis can prevent tooth decay and take away bad breath. To find out more about wheatgrass purchase this book. Trust us you'll notice a difference.

  • In the last 10 years new products and techniques have been developed to allow people to achieve whiter teeth. These products and techniques alters the appearance of the tooth enamel through bleaching with peroxide compounds. Now, instead of going to the dentist to bleach your teeth, people can now do it from their homes. We've all seen the commercials. Is bleaching with Peroxide safe? Is it safe for your teeth? Is it safe for your gums? Can it harm your health? The answer is, Yes. Think??

    Enamel is made up of inorganic crystals known as hydroxyapatite. Only 5% of enamel contain organic material, in the form of collagen. Dentin can contain up to 20% of organic material. Dentin is made up of small dentinal tubules. Now what does all of this mean? When peroxide-based agents are used, a chemical reaction occurs which allows fluids to move through these tubules directly towards the nerve endings in the pulp, creating a high degree of sensitivity to cold, heat, and even very sweet food.

    Along with Peroxide some other components may also be found in dental products: propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. These chemicals in conjunction with peroxide will greatly add to the sensitivity problems. Calcium loss and deterioration of the tooth enamel is also common with continual use of the bleaching product

  • When applying a peroxide product at home the solution tends to leak out of the dental tray and then become digested. Hydrogen peroxide can easily be broken down to Hydroxyl and per Hydroxyl radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that have been associated with the formation of pre-cancerous and cancerous cells.

    In the same category is mouthwash. Some mouthwash products contain even higher concentration of alcohol than beer, wine and liquor. This can be very dangerous to children when the alcohol levels are at 25%. One ounce can cause seizures and brain damage and five ounces can kill. Remember everyone is a canary in a coal mine, so you don't know if this will affect you. Do you want to be a lab rat?

    The National Cancer Institute stated? 25% alcohol concentration increases the risk of oral and throat cancer. Mouthwash also contains formaldehyde, artificial colors, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Convictions of the Heart is aware that you may be shocked from this material, however, it's better to know now and make the conscious choice rather than be affected later.

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