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The facts about fruit
 by: Helena Ray
  • Nearly 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides were exported that have been identified as known or suspected carcinogens, an average rate of almost 16 tons per hour. The Congressional Office of Technology assessment estimates more than 400 billion pounds of toxic waste is discharged into our nations air, water and soil annually.

  • What we eat-where is comes from, how it is raised, processed, and cooked affects our health in many ways. Traditional native diets in those few places in the world where people still mostly eat what they raise, have been found to promote health and long life for only reasons gradually coming to be understood. Traditional foods are health promoting as modern biological and medical sciences have finally learned.

    Scientific inventors have given us modern convenience but a lot of scientific development brings an enormous price tag to our health. In our quest to create convince and save time we are destroying the very ingredients of our existence. You can improve your health with simple changes in your diet.

  • First by starting NOW!! We are what we eat and what we eat has a definite impact on our health and well being. We are all walking energy so wouldn't it make sense to eat healthy vibrant high energy food like organically grown foods.

    What is Organic?
    Organic refers to an "earth friendly" method of growing and processing food. Weeds and pests are controlled using environmentally sound practices, which sustain the health of our planet and ultimately, our own health.

  • Organic produce is grown in cooperation with the earth. Organic growers work with nature. They use composted materials and mineral supplements to amend the soil rather than synthetic formulated fertilizers. In other words, they make the soil richer with natural growing nutrients. The soil is treated to make it nutritionally rich. The plants than use these nutrients to grow food with lots of vitamins and minerals that your body can use.

  • Conventional growers treat the plant with synthetic fertilizers (which are also toxic) and spray insecticides on a regular basis. Even if you wash your conventionally grown produce of the synthetic fertilizers, it may eliminate some surface pesticides, but most cannot be removed with water.

    Organic farmers do not use chemicals (pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers) in an environmentally harmful manner. They utilize a blend of old and new technologies and scientific research to balance the Earth's natural ecosystem. Rotating crops between fields. This helps keep pests from building up and improves soil fertility. Planting select bushes and flowers to attract beneficial insects which ward off unwanted pests. Organic farming produces nutrient-rich fertile soil that nourishes the plants. Keeping chemicals off the land also protects water quality and wild life. The plant will have grown extracting vitamins and minerals from the soil and then your body will be able to use these nutrients.

  • What about animals?
    In raising organic animals such as dairy cows, hormones and antibodies may not be used and the cows are fed only organic feed.

    What is certified organic?
    A certified organic product has been grown and processed according to strict standards. Third party inspection verifies authenticity to the consumer. Several certification agencies exist across the country. Look for the certification seal or name of the certification agency on the label. When you see this claim, it means:

    1. No harmful chemicals have been applied to the land for at least 3 years.

    2. The farmer and processor have annual certification inspections.

    3. They have kept detailed records of their practices.

    4. They use ecologically friendly methods and substances to improve the soil and control pests.

    When you purchase organic meats, fruits and vegetable and also try to minimize consuming processed foods this will help to improve your health.

    Thank you for taking the time to review this information. I hope you found the information to be educational and possible opened your awareness level. Our Conviction to take action holds the promise for our future. Conviction to love, health and life and with your conviction today can be a new beginning for your tomorrow. Education and awareness will open your eyes to all kinds of great all natural complete nutritional blends with vitamins, minerals, herbs and more - for all ages.

About the Author
Helena Ray is the creator of Convictions of the Heart (, a website dedicated to helping people become aware of the current environmental problems and the personal effects on your health. Convictions of the Heart supports all green merchants and offers a variety of environmentally friendly products, all natural products, and whole foods.

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