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The Air in There: a look at the health of the air inside your house - part 2
 by: Helena Ray
  • The typical American home has chemical contamination levels 70 times higher then levels found in the air outside. For years, women have stayed home to care for the family while the husband works to support them. Recent studies have shown that women who work at home have a 54% greater risk of developing cancer than women who work outside the home. This figure came from a 15-year study, which concluded that the increase death rate was due to daily exposure to household products.

  • About 5 to 10 million household poisonings are reported each year, many of which are fatal. The victims are mostly children. Most people think ingesting household products is the only way your body is poisoned. This is the part the manufacturer leaves out of the warning labels.

    If these chemicals touch the skin or are inhaled it will absorb into your bloodstream and spread throughout your body. Again, the effects are not immediate but can have great consequences down the road and cause serious health problems.

  • Asthma Triggers:
    Things that make breathing problems worse for people with Asthma.

    Types of triggers:

    Air pollution, Pollen and Cold weather
    Some of the strongest asthma triggers are found in homes. These triggers can be easily prevented: Dust mites, Cockroaches, Mold and Tobacco Smoke are some of the biggest causes of asthma triggers.

    Dust mites
    By keeping dust levels down in your home and reducing excessive moisture in your house, the amount of dust mites will lower tremendously. Some other ways to help prevent dust mites are the following: Buy special allergen-proof covers for your bed, wash more frequently in hot water, replace upholstered furniture with smooth-surfaced furniture such as vinyl, get rid of large area rugs because hard surface floor are easier to clean.

    A state of the art air filtration system can help purify your air. These systems can improve the quality of your sleep (less snoring or mouth breathing), great improvements in allergic symptoms like sneezing, scratchy throat, cough, wheezing, and nasal congestion. You will decrease your clinical visits for allergy related problems and cut down on your over the counter drugs (which most cause side affects over a period of time).

  • How do cockroaches make my allergies worse?
    It's actually refereed to as cockroach dust, which comes from the roaches body parts and droppings. This allergy trigger is real simple to get rid of by simply buying pesticide spray, but remember to buy a spray that is also earth friendly.

  • Molds
    Molds are tiny plants that will grow on moist surfaces in or around your home. They appear as dark fuzzy areas with a musty odor. The problem with this is it's an asthma trigger, it can sometimes be hard to locate. It could easily be growing in areas such as basements, attics and between wall units. We recommend throwing out any old boxes, wallboards and newspapers that may be lying around. Anything porous that may have gotten wet in the past. You also want to wipe that area clean. Getting rid of excessive moisture is the most important thing to do in order to control the mold in your home. There is a certain kind of mold, which is less common but is known to cause an infant lung disease. This mold can be found in wooden floorboards and also wallboards. This type of mold is very hard to detect and if you think this mold could be present in your home we recommend calling your local health department for further assistance.

  • Tobacco Smoke
    Tobacco smoke speaks for itself, we've all been taught that smoking is bad for our health. It's a serious breathing irritant and a strong asthma trigger. Do not allow smoking inside the house; have people smoke outside. Do not smoke at all in the car with a person that has asthma.

    Remember accomplishing the steps we have provided may require some repairs to your home and require you to purchase products to help deal with these asthma triggers. Most importantly, changing your daily habits. If you or someone close to you has just had a baby it is very important to make some of these changes, especially if asthma runs in the family. By decreasing infant exposure to these triggers you are lessening the chance that, that child develops asthma in the future. Please take the time to look over some of the companies that offer these products.
About the Author
Helena Ray is the creator of Convictions of the Heart, a website dedicated to helping people become aware of the current environmental problems and the personal effects on your health. Convictions of the Heart supports all green merchants and offers a variety of environmentally friendly products, all natural products, and whole foods.
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