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The Air in There: a look at the health of the air inside your house
 by: Helena Ray
  • In the early 70's due to an energy crisis people started sealing up their homes. What people weren't informed of is the potential health risk it led too. Sealing up their homes also meant sealing up toxins as well. Over time, these toxins would eventually effect people's immune systems causing people to be more vulnerable to diseases. Unfortunately, bad air is invisible.

    Most of our lives are spent indoors. Whether it is in school, at work or in front of the television. Most people are brought up believing the safest place to be is at home. Safe to what extent? Scientific evidence has indicated that the air qualities inside your homes, schools and working environment is more polluted then the air outside. This is found to be 500 times worse in large industrial cities.

  • People spend 90% of their time indoors. Failure to respond to indoor air problems can have many consequences to your health. Affects from bad in door air may show up immediately or can take years. Having a constant exposure to toxins in our air, water and food has been shown to lower our resistance to disease and change our bodies metabolism causing a number of problems: Enzyme dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, birth defects and learning and behavioral disorders.

    In the last 5 years Asthma in children has quadrupled. Researchers have asked themselves, could it be that children are outside too much or could it be the pollution in their homes or schools?

    Windows are usually left open to let in fresh air. Unfortunately, during the winter most people can't afford to open their windows because of high heating cost. In the summer, windows are left closed to keep in the cool air. When a building is closed up with out Ozone, bacteria is able to run free.

  • By eliminating air pollution such as smoke from tobacco, wood stoves, formaldehyde, chemical cleaning agents, bad smells and fumes it will contribute to fresher air which in return will help those who suffer from allergies.

  • Under severe pressure from industry lobbyists, President Bush is preparing to weaken our clean air protections by letting approximately 17,000 of the country's biggest polluting facilities -- including old, dirty power plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants -- escape rules that require them to install modern pollution controls when they pump out more pollution. This unprecedented weakening of our clean air laws would allow millions more tons of soot, smog, and toxic pollution to be spewed into our air each year.

  • Take Action!
    This information has been provided so that we can all undo the environmental damage and protect our families from further harm. Remember this, every time you pour your cleaning products down the drain you are polluting the Earth.

    We should all become determined to help make a change for the better, and to keep you informed of certain products and their potential threat to our health and to the environment around us. The chemicals in these products are a major polluter to our ground water system, which includes; all marine life, as well as the air we breath, and threatening the health of future generations.

    These changes begin by simply switching to a more health-friendly, all natural cleaning products. These products are just as affordable and clean just as good. The best part of all is that it won't kill you, your children or your animals. By improving the quality of air in your home you're enhancing your comfort and well being.

  • Cleaning Products
    In most cases people like to keep there homes clean. Whether it's mopping the kitchen floor or cleaning the soap scum from the shower. We all take a part in cleaning up the occasional spill. You're probably asking yourself this question," What could possible be wrong with cleaning the dishes in my sink?" We are not saying not to clean, but next time you clean the bathroom mirror check out the glass cleaner you're using. The chemical used to make that product and all your other household cleaners can be hazardous too your health and the people around you.

    The fumes from the products linger in the air you breath, even after the smell of the cleaner has dissipated. Simple opening a window will not remove all the harmful fumes. Sending your children to a different room won't stop them from breathing in the fumes. When you use these products you're putting your entire family a risk. To help you and your family, simply switch to products that contains all nature ingredients.

    Immediate effects include the following: Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, sinus problems, headaches, fever, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, allergic reaction, sneezing, dry cough and fatigue.

    Long term effects, which may account for 50% of illnesses ranging from the following: Allergic Rhinitis asthma, cancer, Carbon Monoxide poisoning, Emphysema, Hypersensitivity, Influenza, Pneumonia and Respiratory Disease.

    A side from the dangers household products have on your air they also poses a threat in many other ways. Did you know, after washing dishes that the dish soap is still on the dishes. The chemicals in your laundry detergents are deposited through out all cloths and bed linen when washing them. After you clean your floors the chemicals remain. Therefore, if you have children who aren't walking yet chances are they're crawling on it.

    How about when your leaving for work, and peaking out the window is your child wanting to say goodbye and they're pressing their lips against the window. That window was probably recently cleaned by a common window cleaner. Even short term exposure to the toxic chemicals in household products have been correlated to a variety of disorders.

  • Environemntally conscious websites, such as Convictions of the Heart, offer a selection of some state of the art air filtration systems. These systems can improve the quality of your sleep (less snoring or mouth breathing), great improvements in allergic symptoms like sneezing, scratchy throat, cough, wheezing, and nasal congestion. You will decrease your clinical visits for allergy related problems and cut down on your over the counter drugs (which most cause side affects over a period of time). Try an Air Filter, we promise you won't be disappointed.

  • Prior to the 20th century, statistics recovered by the American Cancer Society stated that only 1 out of 8,000 people living in the United States were diagnosed with cancer. Since the Industrial Revolution and the introduction into our lives a myriad of chemicals, the incidence of cancer has increased drastically to 1 out of 3 people. Basically, our bodies have become a receptacle for all the harmful compounds in the environment.

    Toxins such as industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, car exhaust and cigarette smoke. All which have been created by, man in a desperate need to make the world more convenient. Well, all these advances have caught up with us. What happens is these harmful substances get trapped in our bodies and we are unable to discard them quick enough. Therefore, our immune system is unable to protect our bodies from the toxins harmful effects of what's around us.
About the Author
Helena Ray is the creator of Convictions of the Heart, a website dedicated to helping people become aware of the current environmental problems and the personal effects on your health. Convictions of the Heart supports all green merchants and offers a variety of environmentally friendly products, all natural products, and whole foods.
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Please help support the cause of Convictions of the Heart. We are an informative site to help you and your family become aware of the current environmental problems and the personal effects on your health. We also offer alternative products through our green merchants, which are environmentally safe and healthy for everyone. Help support Convictions of the Heart's campaign against environmental destruction. We donate 5% of our profits to non-profit environmental organizations. Raising our awareness for humanity will greatly contribute to health and happiness for our future generations.
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