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Organic Deodorant and Organic Antiperspirant
  Facts and Statistics

Do you know what deodorant is? It is used to keep the under arm feeling fresh, in other words, to sustain some of the odor. We also use Antiperspirant which is put under the arm to keep us from perspiring. Well we can assure you, there's a little more to it then that.

Antiperspirant products actually block your pores so the sweat can't get out. What happens is the toxins recycle and get reabsorbed into the system which throws a burden on other organs.
Impurities are constantly passing from the body through the pores and if the skin is not kept in a healthy condition, the system is burdened with impure matter. The impurities of the body, if not allowed to escape, are taken back into the blood stream and forced upon the internal organs to filter out the toxins.
In order to allow your body to release toxins, it is a good idea to allow your body to sweat, get frequent massage's (cleansing the lymphatic system) and drinking lots of water.
"If our bodies were not created as God planned, we would all overheat or explode." When our bodies get hot we are designed to produce sweat to throw off waste while our bodies are cooling down. It's like damming up a river. Sweat backs up in and around your armpit. This causes the toxins in your sweat to become trapped and stored by the fatty breast tissues in that area. A report in a women's health newsletter made this statement: "You are eight times more likely to develop breast cancer next to where you apply your deodorant." "If you want to be at your healthiest, you need to sweat more, not less! "Exercise, which promotes sweating, has been proven to lower the risk of breast cancer."
These chemicals, and many others, help prevent sweating, and sweating is one of the ways the body cleanses itself of toxic substances. Many products on the grocer's shelves contain ingredients, which do not promote health. Convictions of the Heart believes it is time we take an active role as our own personal health care provider -- it might be the best insurance you could ever buy.

We here at "Convictions of the Heart" have discussed these issues not to scare you from using your favorite deodorant or antiperspirant but to let you know that there is an alternative to these products. Researchers have made that possible. An all-natural deodorant is available thru Toms of Maine, Abundant Earth and Kaylx to name a few. Its designed to stop the odor but still allows your body to continue its cooling process without clogging up your system.
When our awareness and consciousness becomes heightened only then will we see what were doing to our environment and ourselves. Then we'll find the power within ourselves to force our government and industries to correct the environmental injustice we've created. Thank you for taking the time to review this information. Convictions of the Heart hopes you found the information to be educational and possible opened your awareness level. Our Conviction to take action holds the promise for our future. Conviction to love, health and life, your conviction today can be a new beginning for your tomorrow.

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Convictions of the Heart is an informative site to help you and your family become aware of the current environmental problems and the personal effects on your health. Convictions of the Heart also offers environmentally safe products and all natural products through our green merchants. Help support Convictions of the Heart's campaign against environmental destruction. Convictions of the Heart donates 5% of all profits to the Convictions of the Heart Foundation, Raising awareness for humanity will greatly contribute to health and happiness for future generations.
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