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Facts for Kids is an informative section dedicated to helping children understand important eco issues and healthier living at an earlier age......go now.

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Home water filter systems battle lead

Home Water Filter SystemsOne of the most prevalent and dangerous substances found in drinking supplies is lead, which has inspired many a parent to update to the best whole home water filter systems and consider installing a shower water filter. Particles of this toxic metal leech into a family's home from old pipes, solder, pipe fittings and other connections. It is possible for an adult to feel few or no ill effects from lead. However, even small amounts can have a devastating impact on still-developing, young children. The heavy metal can damage a child's central nervous system, causing learning disabilities and other difficulties.

Step two: shower water filter

Shower Water FilterInexpensive, easy to install home water filter systems are the simplest way to protect children from illnesses caused by ingesting dangerous levels of lead. It is also recommended that parents further protect against lead exposure by installing a shower water filter to keep lead from coming in contact with the skin or being inadvertently ingested by children while showering. Because lead can quickly accumulate in the body, no amount of it in a household is acceptable.

Other pollutants

In addition to hazardous lead, other toxins that can get into private wells, and even public water supplies, include other heavy metals from landfills and mining operations, nitrates, high levels of fluoride, manufacturing plastic and metal effluents and other solvents. For small children and individuals with compromised immune systems, even one-time or low-level contamination can cause illnesses such as diarrhea, allergic reactions, respiratory symptoms and other, sometimes serious, physical manifestations. Long-term exposure to toxins to which an individual is particularly sensitive can be devastating to the quality of life.

Don't let this happen to the ones you love. A household filtration system is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways of protecting your family's health and well-being.

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