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Top Green Barbecue Tips
Eco Patrol brings you 1001 ways to save the Earth: Top Green Barbecue Tips • Make a Plan Whether or not your barbecue is a family affair, or a neighborhood blowout, you can be aware of your environmental impact with some careful party planning. Here's how: • Buy Green Groceries and Sundries Ditching disposables is one the greenest things you can do. Opt instead for reusable plates, cups, and traditional cutlery, reusable plastic options, and bamboo serving ware. You can also buy in bulk, which helps reduce packaging and waste (and cuts down on future trips to the grocery store.) Many foods and sauces refrigerate or freeze well. For the meat you do serve, choose organic and grass-fed selections. Don't forget to bring your own bags to the store. Choose Local and Seasonal Produce It's no coincidence that BBQ season coincides with the time many locally grown fruits and vegetables are at their best. Sun tea and fresh lemonade are easy to make and better than store-bought varieties. Serving beer from a keg, pony keg, or growler also cuts down on excess packaging. • Choose Your Grill Carefully The type of grill you use to cook will affect not only flavor, but also your eco-footprint. Here's what you need to know: From a carbon standpoint, gas grills win out because natural gas and propane burn cleaner and leave behind less waste than charcoal grills. Charcoal may give your organically raised burgers that old-time-y taste, but the particulate matter from burning the briquettes contains carbon monoxide and other VOCs. If you do use coal, choose all-natural lump varieties, which eliminate the additives contained in briquettes. If your home uses green power, consider buying an electric grill. Look for the models with the lowest number of BTU's for the most efficient model. • Get your Grill On Time to get cooking! These useful tips can help you prepare tasty and efficient meals: • Grilling with the hood of the barbecue down not only helps maintain energy efficiency, but also ensures the heat will be distributed more evenly throughout the grill. • Organic and grass fed meat is leaner than traditional meat, and requires a little bit of extra love in order to maintain its moisture when grilling. To address this issue: marinate your meat before grilling, and continue to baste it while over the grill; for hamburgers, add in caramelized onions and other moisturizing ingredients; cook the meat at a lower temperature or simply cook the meat for less time. • You can substitute extra firm tofu for most recipes that require meat. Marinate for a few hours prior to grilling, and then cook it slowly over lower heat to get that real barbecue flavor. • Put vegetables in a bowl with olive oil and herbs to marinate before grilling. If you are using smaller vegetables that might fall through the grill grate, put them on a cake rack and place that over the grill. • Maintain Your Grill Taking care of your grill properly means it will last for many delicious barbecues to come and that will be a healthier cooking vessel. Instead of petro-based cleaners, use soy and natural alternatives, which can work better than the chemical varieties. Eco Patrol offers a wonderful GREEN DEGREASER CLEANER “Eco Green N Easy” food safe and cleans your stove like a dream You can clean your grill with a barbecue brush and a paste made with baking soda and water. Or, cut an onion in half and rub it over the rack once it has heated up; then brush a bit of olive oil on it so the food doesn't stick. Remember, these great tips!! • Clean Up the Mess! Separate your glass, plastic, and metal recyclable containers, and dispose of them on site, or bring them home to recycle with the rest of your household waste. Gather compost-ables (another good reason to keep the meat intake low - it cannot be composted) and bring them home to your compost heap, or a community one, if available. Please remember if your picnicking or visiting our local beaches, CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. Don’t litter, this effects marine life and our EARTH. Happy 4th of July from all of us at ECO PATROL International!!
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